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                                   The Barrier Busters!


Barrier Busters!

Succeed in Life (SIL) is here to help usher you into the dawning of a new day - one in which YOU are freed from the shackles that have kept you from succeeding in life and in business. 

Get ready to shake off those shackles of bondage as we prepare to kick off our seminar series
"Getting Past Your Past and On to Success". 

Do you feel like the monarch butterfly that is stuck as a caterpillar or hidden in the cocoon and just waiting to break free?  Or are you, perhaps, at the 'top of your game' but you are not so sure you want to keep playing that game?  Maybe you are like Saul of the New Testament Bible, where you thought you were doing everything right and were at the top rung of your ladder, only to  find that your ladder was up against the wrong wall.  Are you ready to make a switch and become Paul, changing the lives of thousands or millions?

Our office is located at

324 Dewey Street, Suite 102
Buchanan, MI  49107

We are located down the hall from Annie's Beauty Salon and between the Buchanan Chamber of Commerce and Creative Financial Services in  Beautiful Downtown Buchanan.  

We build up individuals, families, businesses and communities.

We do this in the following areas:

Financial, Business, Career, Relational, and Physical Wellness

And a seventh area... Children's Growth

Succeed in Life, LLC exists for one reason and one reason only - YOUR SUCCESS!

  • Have you ever been frustrated by the inability to reach your personal goals? 
  • Has your spouse or friends lost confidence in your ability to reach your goals? Maybe they have labeled you as a Dreamer or Visionary - you know, when they use Visionary as a negative because you come up with big 'visions of what could be' but do nothing with them. 
  • Are you 'sick and tired of being sick and tired'?
We are here for you!  In fact, you, your passions and your dreams are why we are help YOU to succeed in life and in business

For help getting past your stumbling blocks, go to our Personal Growth page. 

For help getting your small business off the ground or to the next level, go to our Business Growth page.
If you've always wanted to learn how to play piano or would like your child to learn how to play - and have fun (really!) doing it, check out our Growth through Music page.

We are now offering a line of outstanding courses for your success.  These courses were developed by Ron Cole, CEO of Alchemy Training, in the UK.  I have know Ron and his first few courses since the 80s and 90s when we lived in Silicon Valley, in California.  Ron's premier course, SuperReadingTM,  is so effective in helping you to increase your reading speed, and more importantly, your comprehension, that London South Bank University did a study on its effectiveness with dyslexic college students.  SuperReading exceeded their expectations - repeatedly.  SuperMemory is an excellent complement to SuperReading and the two can be purchased as a set.  Chysalis Goal Setting and Achieving is another winner, along with How to Win at Every Sport (an excellent use of visualization and soon to be split up for individual sports), Triple Win Negotiation, Taking Great Photos and SuperSales. We will have detailed web pages set up in the coming weeks, so check back often.  Until then, feel free to check out the descriptions at our online storefront.  The courses are currently offered online and will soon be available downloadable in several additional formats and will be taught through webinars and in our Centers for Success. 

If you live anywhere in the Michiana area, prepare to attend life-changing workshops to be held throughout the region. 

If you are the spouse of a 'driven' person and fear that they will grow away from the family as they become more successful, note one very important aspect of Succeed in Life and our life coaching and business coaching programs - we actively promote commitment to family, not sacrificing the family on the altar success.  Success in any endeavor that comes at the continued expense of loved ones is an empty success at best.  We do not condone leaving the family behind or getting divorced in order for the person to get ahead.

Contact us today to find out what program is best for you or your spouse as you get back on track to excellence and success.  You'll be glad you did!

We will soon offer gift cards to make it easy for grandparents, relatives, friends and other loved ones to invest in the success of someone they love.  Contact us today if you are interested in our gift cards.

Yours in Success,

Michael B. Harris
Culture Changer
Certified Christian Life Coach
Business Coach
Chief Encourager
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